Walnut Grove Hunting Products has just the tools for you.  Our patented muzzleloader CAP POPPER is made from high quality brass and easily fits every primer-fired muzzleloader.  The patented BOOGER is a bowhunter's dream.  It will retrieve virtually any item dropped from a treestand, saving you the climb back down for that necessary accessory or bottle of water.  Our newest product, the E-Z CINCH TREESTAND LIGHT, is an asset on your treestand platform, the tree, or conveniently attached to your wrist.

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST! 

All products are proudly made in the USA.

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U.S. Patents 6752042-B1 and 718932


How many times have you climbed up to your tree stand only to find your gloves, release, or water bottle has dropped to the ground below? 


"If you drop it, this BOOGER will get it!"

100_0303.pngThe BOOGER retriever is made of 1/8" steel, right here in the good old USA.  To set the BOOGER, simply open the fingers and insert the trigger ears into the holes on each side.  When the trigger hits the object to be retrieved, the fingers will enclose the item and you can bring it back up to your stand.  Each BOOGER is packaged with an O-ring to use when retrieving smooth-surfaced objects, such as arrows and water bottles.  The O-ring is attached over the end two fingers and the shoulder, then set as usual.  The O-ring is not necessary when retrieving most hunting accessories.

100_0292.jpgKeep your BOOGER in the new Camo Nose Bag, which is easily attached with Velcro to your belt or treestand brace... always at your fingertips!

Keeping your BOOGER retriever on your treestand makes it handy to retrieve a dropped glove or arrow as well as using it as a "hanger" for a backpack!  

Made in the U.S.A. under patent #7185932 with ALL uses protected under Federal copyright.