Walnut Grove Hunting Products has just the tools for you.  Our patented muzzleloader CAP POPPER is made from high quality brass and easily fits every primer-fired muzzleloader.  The patented BOOGER is a bowhunter's dream.  It will retrieve virtually any item dropped from a treestand, saving you the climb back down for that necessary accessory or bottle of water. 

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST! 

  • Booger
  • Cap Popper
  • EZ Cinch Tree Stand
  • Pocket Seat
  • Limb Shaver
  • Handy Hanger

All products are proudly made in the USA.

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U.S. Patents 6752042-B1 and 718932

Booger | Cap Popper | Pooper Pusher
Pocket Seat | Limb Shaver | Handy Hanger | Do-Ral Turkey Calls


You may be fooled by their looks but you'll be amazed by their performance!


Booger If you treestand hunt you'll need the BOOGER treestand retriever. Lightweight and pocket-sized, this patented tool is designed to retrieve virtually any item you may drop from your stand -- even bottled water!

The enclosed O-ring helps grasp smooth-surfaced objects easily.

If you drop it, the BOOGER will get it!


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Limb ShaverGot a limb in the way of your shooting lane?
Use LIMB SHAVER and never leave your stand!

  • Simply Insert a sapling securely into the clamp using the wing nuts attached on the back
  • Attach your tree saw to the top pin, resting it on the stationary pin

Quickly assembled, lightweight, versatile -- Carry it in your pocket!


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Limb ShaverFits in your pocket and sets up in seconds! Unfold from your pocket, attach to any tree with a lashing strap and S-hooks and sit!

  • Small & lightweight
  • Adjusts to any height
  • Durable, Waterproof
  • Keeps you dry and off the ground
  • Multiple uses for the hunter or camper


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