Walnut Grove Hunting Products has just the tools for you.  Our patented muzzleloader CAP POPPER is made from high quality brass and easily fits every primer-fired muzzleloader.  The patented BOOGER is a bowhunter's dream.  It will retrieve virtually any item dropped from a treestand, saving you the climb back down for that necessary accessory or bottle of water.  Our newest product, the E-Z CINCH TREESTAND LIGHT, is an asset on your treestand platform, the tree, or conveniently attached to your wrist.

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST! 

  • Booger
  • Cap Popper
  • EZ Cinch Tree Stand
  • Pocket Seat
  • Limb Shaver
  • Handy Hanger

All products are proudly made in the USA.

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U.S. Patents 6752042-B1 and 718932

Booger | Cap Popper | Bowsight Bonnet | Pooper Pusher | E-Z Cinch Safety Light
Pocket Seat | Limb Shaver | Handy Hanger | Huntin' Hoist | Do-Ral Turkey Calls


You may be fooled by their looks but you'll be amazed by their performance!


Limb ShaverGot a limb in the way of your shooting lane?
Use LIMB SHAVER and never leave your stand!

  • Simply Insert a sapling securely into the clamp using the wing nuts attached on the back
  • Attach your tree saw to the top pin, resting it on the stationary pin

Quickly assembled, lightweight, versatile -- Carry it in your pocket!


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Limb ShaverFits in your pocket and sets up in seconds! Unfold from your pocket, attach to any tree with a lashing strap and S-hooks and sit!

  • Small & lightweight
  • Adjusts to any height
  • Durable, Waterproof
  • Keeps you dry and off the ground
  • Multiple uses for the hunter or camper


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Booger If you treestand hunt you'll need the BOOGER treestand retriever. Lightweight and pocket-sized, this patented tool is designed to retrieve virtually any item you may drop from your stand -- even bottled water!

The enclosed O-ring helps grasp smooth-surfaced objects easily.

If you drop it, the BOOGER will get it!


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The new E-Z Cinch Hunter's Safety Light is a must for everyone! It attaches with adjustable hook/loop straps to your wrist, treestand or anywhere you need a light. Works well with our BOOGER retriever too. Now you'll never be caught in the dark....

Keep everything together and on your treestand or belt with the durable COMBO PACK! Includes a BOOGER retriever, 40' cord & NOSEBAG.


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