Walnut Grove can also supply you with hunting accessories!

Img15.pngOur CAMO COMBO PACK combines the Booger retriever and 40' of BOOGER CORD conveniently packed in the NOSE BAG, a zippered, camouflaged twill pouch. This water-repellent pouch is a large 7" x 7" size and has two Velcro strips for easy attachment to your belt or treestand.

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The camouflaged, water-repellent NOSE BAG may be purchased separately. The red and black twisted nylon BOOGER CORD comes in 30' and 40' lengths and may also be purchased separately. 

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST! 

All products are proudly made in the USA.

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U.S. Patents 6752042-B1 and 718932


Booger | Cap Popper | Bowsight Bonnet | Pooper Pusher | E-Z Cinch Safety Light
Pocket Seat | Limb Shaver | Handy Hanger | Combo Pack | Do-Ral Turkey Calls


Limb ShaverGot a limb in the way of your shooting lane?
Use LIMB SHAVER and never leave your stand!

  • Simply Insert a sapling securely into the clamp using the wing nuts attached on the back
  • Attach your tree saw to the top pin, resting it on the stationary pin

Quickly assembled, lightweight, versatile -- Carry it in your pocket!


$15 w/out Saw Add to Cart
$25 with Saw Add to Cart


Limb ShaverFits in your pocket and sets up in seconds! Unfold from your pocket, attach to any tree with a lashing strap and S-hooks and sit!

  • Small & lightweight
  • Adjusts to any height
  • Durable, Waterproof
  • Keeps you dry and off the ground
  • Multiple uses for the hunter or camper


Black $30 Add to Cart

Camo $35 Add to Cart


Field dressing tool that leaves the meat clean; easy as 1-2-3!

  • Small & lightweight
  • Durable


Add to Cart$8.00


Booger If you treestand hunt you'll need the BOOGER treestand retriever. Lightweight and pocket-sized, this patented tool is designed to retrieve virtually any item you may drop from your stand -- even bottled water!

The enclosed O-ring helps grasp smooth-surfaced objects easily.

If you drop it, the BOOGER will get it!


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The CAP POPPER will amaze you with its performance and ease in handling.  Made of high quality brass in the USA, this unique tool is the best on the market and will last a lifetime with normal wear and tear.  Its patented design enables you to store, install, and even remove both spent and live primer caps on guns using a #11 or #209 primer.  The CAP POPPER easily clips onto your shirt for quick access.  If you know where your CAP POPPER is, you'll know where your primer caps are!

Used on Side Hammer and In-line muzzleloaders using  a #11 primer cap; stores 5 primer caps.

Add to Cart $19.95

Used on Side Hammer and In-line muzzleloaders using a #209 primer; stores 3 primer caps.

Add to Cart $19.95

#209-Long CAP POPPER  
Made especially for #209 Dropblock and Breakdown  muzzleloaders with a recessed breech; stores 3 primer caps. Works extremely well on the TC Omega and Encore.

Add to Cart $19.95


The new E-Z Cinch Hunter's Safety Light is a must for everyone! It attaches with adjustable hook/loop straps to your wrist, treestand or anywhere you need a light. Works well with our BOOGER retriever too. Now you'll never be caught in the dark....

Keep everything together and on your treestand or belt with the durable COMBO PACK! Includes a BOOGER retriever, 40' cord & NOSEBAG.


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only $ 25.00 each!

Easy to use with just one hand, the hunter can easily reproduce yelps, clucks, purrs, cutts, cackles, whines, and keekees without adjustment or chalking.  The DO-RAL TURKEY CALL is available in three varieties to suit your specific style:

Mini-Mag:  Hardwood with water-resistant Plexiglas soundboard
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Sassy Slate:  Loud and raspy, pure Pennsylvania state soundboard
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Aluma-Hen:  hardwood with high frequency aluminum soundboard.
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Combo Pack

Our COMBO PACK combines the Booger Retriever and 30’ of cord conveniently packed in a zippered twill pouch (black or grey, our choice). This water-repellent pouch has two Velcro strips for easy attachment to your belt or treestand. 


Black $25.00

Camo $30.00

The HUNTIN' HOIST is available in black casing for $25 or camo casing for $30; each comes with 30' retractable cord.